Rough & Tumble
theatre that doesn't suck.

  "Imaginative staging and
a sweet sense of humor"
-- The Boston Phoenix
"Wonderfully satisfying"
-- The Boston Herald
"Bursting with enthusiasm and
hilarious physical comedy."
-- The South End News
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Who We Are:
Rough & Tumble was founded in 1997 by Kristin Baker and Dan Milstein. "Let's make our own plays," they said. "How hard can it be?" At the time, Kristin and Dan were very young.

Somewhat shockingly, their simple plan has worked out extremely well.

We strive to make theater which is immediate, intimate, playful and humane. Do we always succeed? Meh. Who can know? But that's the great goal. Theater that you enjoy watching in the moment you are watching it, theater that is fun, that doesn't take itself too seriously, that cares about its characters, that takes you out of your... whatever it is you've got going on.

For more about our extensive philosophies on theater, see About Rough & Tumble and read our Strident Manifesto of Rage.


  An Ocean of Air
the mostly true story of the first round-the-world zeppelin journey

At the Factory Theater
791 Tremont Street, Boston
April 11 - April 27
Thursday, Friday, Saturday @ 8:00 | Sunday @ 3:00

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Graf Zeppelin Launching

Rough & Tumble is back, baby

In our newest original work, Rough & Tumble tells the story of famous airship captain Hugo Eckener's attempt to fly the Graf Zeppelin around the world in 1929, carrying dozens of journalists, photographers, paying passengers, and the physician to the King of Spain.

We are developing the play now (right now! this minute!) and are combing through the many histories and newspaper reports that chronicle the event to recreate the atmosphere of media frenzy, populist pride, and futurism that swirled about the voyage.

Then, on top of that, we are making a bunch of stuff up.

Graf Zeppelin Launching

Not Enough Rough & Tumble for you?

Well Check this out:
April 11-27 An Ocean of Air: the mostly true story of the first round-the-world zeppelin voyage. A brand new Rough & Tumble original at the Factory Theater.
April 26 Another Rough & Tumble original, Play Date, at the Institute of Contemporary Art.
May 1-3 Mondays and Other Days at Mill6's Jamboree at the Factory Theater
May 11 Sick Day at the Boston Theater Marathon at the Calderwood Pavilion.

Need reminding? Who doesn't?

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